Chiarco iris - gluten-free dessert

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For layer one, you'll need:

-400 ml of canned coconut milk

-60 g agave syrup

-30 g of coconut oil

-2 organic lemons (juice + zest)

-1 teaspoon agar powder

-½ teaspoon turmeric powder


For layer 2, you'll need:

-125 ml of vegetable yogurt

-1 banana

-2 handfuls of frozen raspberries

-1 small glass of vegetable milk


For layer 3, you'll need:

-250 ml of coconut milk (coconut drink)

-2 tablespoons chia seeds

-1 pinch of vanilla


Start by preparing layer 3.

To do this, place the chia seeds in a bowl. Pour in the coconut milk, add the vanilla and mix everything together.

Let it swell for 1 ', then mix again. Let it rest until the liquid is completely absorbed. (We recommend 1 night of complete rest).


Now prepare the layer 1. In a pan, place all the ingredients except the agar agar. Bring everything to a boil.

Add the agar and heat over medium heat, stirring constantly for 4 to 5 '.

Pour the mixture directly into the containers, glass or jars you choose. Let it cool down to room temperature and then put it in the refrigerator. 

Meanwhile, in your food processor, mix all the ingredients for layer 2.

Pour the mixture obtained on layer 1 and finish by gently pouring layer 3 of chia pudding.

Decorate with your choice of fresh seasonal fruit ingredients!


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